Boosting revenue through Customer Experience

Bupa Global is a private healthcare provider to UK expatriates around the globe, with over 1.2 million medical providers. The organization runs a comprehensive Voice of the Customer program, built in close collaboration with the Confirmit team, that covers multiple touchpoints along the entire customer lifecycle. It comprises multiple, sophisticated survey sets that gather feedback at varying frequencies to measuring a range of KPIs including overall satisfaction and NPS.

The insight gathered from the program has allowed Bupa Global to redefine its business proposition to address the key drivers of customer satisfaction. Using the feedback, the organization created a series of initiatives across claims management, customer service and sales and marketing, each mapped to an area of customer need.

As a result, turnaround times for claims have nearly halved, handling of incomplete claims or complaints has improved with a focus on empathy and quality, and employees have been empowered to take action for customers directly. With feedback collected from over 60% of its customer base in 2017, Bupa Global has been able to resolve 2,700 customer issues quickly and efficiently, driving positive experiences across the entire customer journey.

“The program has enabled us to really get under the skin of what our customers are thinking and saying. Instead of making decisions on their behalf and testing our hypotheses on our profit and loss, we are using the customer feedback program to give the customer a true voice in the conversation. The customer defines their own product or service.” 

James Elliott, Head of Operational Support


Driving Action:

  • Reduced lapse rates of 7.8% and 3.4%, for two of the company’s biggest products, directly impacting the bottom line
  • Reduced cost to serve customers as a result of improved first touch resolution of customer issues, while concurrently improving the overall customer experience.
  • 20% increase in NPS scores for claims from 2016 to 2017, and 7% increase in satisfaction rates for customer care in the same period