Enjoying the benefits reaped from providing a positive customer experience, such as improved retention and increased revenue, require companies’ customer experience initiatives organized and supported by a well-planned Voice of the Customer (VoC) program. The Voice of the Customer is extremely important to the modern business as it not only represents the most valuable arbiter of future financial performance for an organization but, if nurtured appropriately, it can also provide an unrivalled source of innovative ideas that will help you deliver outstanding experiences that customers demand. 

Starting a VoC program can seem overwhelming, as many organizations may not know where to begin. Fortunately, building a successful program is not as out of reach as many may think and can be accomplished as easy as following 16 steps. Broken out by four stages (Define and Design, Listen, Analyze, Act), these steps can help you build a powerful Voice of the Customer program that delivers tangible, long term return on investment (ROI).

Define and Design

  • Align your VoC program with your company’s overall business goals

  • Plan for the future of your VoC program now

  • Choose KPI metrics that provide the right information for your unique business needs

  • Choose the right technology to support your VoC efforts

  • Get help from a VoC expert


  • Collect data at every touchpoint to build a holistic picture of your customers’ experience

  • Plan for mobile

  • Let your customers “speak” freely

  • Listen to what your customers and the wider market are saying about your company

  • Never forget the impact of employee engagement on your customer experience

  • Get the boots-on-the-ground perspective on the customer experience


  • Break down data silos that negatively impact your customer experience

  • Leverage reporting and analysis to understand what customers are saying. Then, dive deeper

  • Take action on customer, employee, and market feedback quickly

  • Use your VoC program to identify new areas of opportunity

  • Engage your entire organization in your customer experience efforts