Using insight to respond to customer priorities

HMS advances the US healthcare system by helping payers and other at-risk entities reduce costs, improve health outcomes and deliver exceptional member experiences to over 100 million US healthcare consumers. HMS runs a comprehensive Voice of the Customer program to track those experiences and drive product satisfaction, value, brand reputation and loyalty, and strengthen relationship management.

During the survey process, individual account managers receive email alerts based on feedback to enable immediate response and action where required. In addition, feedback gathered from the program is shared broadly across customer account management teams, operations leaders and the senior executive leadership team, and is used to adjust action plans and review resource allocation for the upcoming year. Process improvements are communicated to the customer throughout the year.

As a result of the insight HMS gathers, the organization has been able to improve its responsiveness to addressing customer issues—which was highlighted as a key customer priority according to prior survey results—as well as being able to engage specific customers in real-time to address immediate concerns. The success of the program has led HMS to pilot embedding a dedicated VoC program advocate into an individual business unit, overseeing and implementing the action plan to increase customer satisfaction specific to each unit.

“Our ‘all hands on deck’ attitude reinforces that customer satisfaction is everyone’s job, while our increased emphasis on and measurement of the customer experience—including VoC results across all attributes—encourages and reinforces our drive to positive results.”

- Vern Maczuzak, Vice President


Driving Action:

  • Increased sales to existing customers, leading to a 28 percent increase in implementations
  • 7.2% increase in NPS over the past year
  • Streamlined change processes and reduced ambiguity with customers, reducing costs and increasing satisfaction associated with change orders.