Capturing feedback to deliver industry‐leading customer experiences

AIG Travel, Inc. is a worldwide leader in travel insurance and global assistance. Its Travel Guard® portfolio of travel insurance and travel‐related services are marketed to leisure and business travels around the world. As a service organization that prides itself on helping its customers, AIG Travel utilizes the Voice of the Customer program to measure the experience for direct purchasers of travel insurance policies.

The program allows customers to share their feedback immediately after their transaction, while the experience is fresh in their minds. This feedback is shared directly with customer service agents to focus on building a long‐term rapport with every client on every call. It is also used to recognize individual employees and enrich sales training programs.

AIG Travel uses the results of the program to focus on its core objective: to be the most valued insurer for all clients. Using Overall Satisfaction metrics, the organization can not only measure excellence in service delivery at the point of purchase, but can also share learnings with sales and marketing to further boost the customer experience across the business.

“Service is our key performance indicator, and we never stop setting stretch goals in order to improve our service levels year over year.” 

Karla Turzinski, Vice President, Operations – Call Centers


Driving Action:

  • Top two % excellent scores have increased from 88.6% in 2016 to over 90% in 2018
  • An increased base of long‐term customer relationships, with more customers purchasing policies for trip after trip
  • Achieved the goal of becoming clients' most valued insurer – AIG Travel, Inc. is renowned for delivering value through industry‐leading service.


In the U.S., AIG Travel provides Travel Guard products through Travel Guard Group, Inc., a licensed insurance producer. Insurance

is underwritten by National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, Pa