Combining the voices of parents, students and teachers to deliver educational excellence

Cognita is a worldwide group of some 70 schools in Europe, Latin America and South-East Asia. It employs over 7,000 staff in the care and education of more than 40,000 pupils. To help maintain its standards of excellence, Cognita captures actionable feedback on a regular basis through a unique combination of Voice of the Customer (parent), Voice of the Employee and Voice of the Student initiatives.

The VoC program captures feedback from parents in nine languages, allowing Cognita to understand what they experience at key stages of the admissions journey, ensuring follow up in a timely manner, and giving granular insight into which aspects of school provision can be improved upon. The program also delivers insight into customer advocacy and key drivers of satisfaction over time.

The VoE program uses feedback from teaching and support staff to share best practices between schools, boost employee engagement, and create targeted action plans at a local, regional and global level.

The most recent program captures the Voice of the Student and provides detailed insight into wellbeing, allowing Cognita to enhance student communication, more clearly understand the needs of different age groups, and take action where appropriate to further improve safeguarding.

“We value and respect the individuality of our schools, each one retaining its own unique ethos, with curricula and programs tailored to the needs of parents and children. Our ability to gather insight in a single place from a multi-region, multi-language program that covers the end-to-end journey for parents, staff and students in different academic cycles sets us apart in driving excellence across all our schools.” 

Stephan Hogenbirk, CX Program Manager


Driving Action:

  • Increased global parent NPS by 18%, with the ability to share and replicate best practice across schools
  • Raised employee NPS by 55%, driving better communication between school teams and ensuring employees understand their individual value
  • 12% increase of NPS among students, with insight empowering staff to engage directly with students and take action where required.